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NBA All-Star Game 2021: When is it, How to watch and TV Channel

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NBA All-Star Game 2021 would be the new format of the NBA All-Start Game. It features the game between All-Star captains which the drafting itself is highly anticipated throughout the US and the world. This article will inform you of the date and the time, how to watch, and TV coverage of NBA All-Star Game 2021 for sure.

NBA All-Star Game 2021

NBA has transformed representative format into a playground-style game. There will be 22 rosters but the two voted captains will choose them at their own discretion. The two captains are definitely the top vote-getters. NBA All-Star Game 2021 will feature this new format with more new things to apply following the success of NBA All-Star Game 2021.

Unlike the last season, NBA All-Star Game 2021 drafts would be televised and open to the public. It will bump the event even further among the NBA die-hard fans. These two captains may also have their own drafts and choose players for their squads on NBA All-Star Game 2021 for sure.

The NBA All-Star Game 2021 draft day is where the two captains choose the players to form NBA clubs. The captain would be at his own discretion to decide his squads. Here you can see the rosters of NBA All-Star Game 2021 for sure. Fortunately, NBPA and NBA itself have agreed to put NBA All-Star Game 2021 draft day on the television.

When is it

2021 NBA All-Star Game and skills competition to take place on one night for the first time, with oncourt action beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET on TNT. It will be held on Sunday, March 7 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, home of the Atlanta Hawks

How to Watch

The NBA All-Star Game 2021 would be on TNT and TBS network which are two confirmed networks to broadcast the game. The same networks will also broadcast the 2021 NBA All-Star Draft on Thursday, March 4 at 8 p.m. ET.

TV Channel

TNT channel will televise NBA All-Star Game 2021 nationally live from the State Farm Arena. The broadcast will cover all the games including some of the festivals, news, contests, and so forth. TNT will also broadcast All-Star Draft on Thursday, March 4 at 8 p.m. ET, as well as the final of the NBA All-Star Game 2021 on Sunday, March 07, 2021. Meanwhile, you can stay tuned on the same network for drafts day.

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