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2021 NBA All-Star Game Voting for Final Starting Lineups

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The Starters for the upcoming 2021 NBA All-Star Game will be announced by the officials on Thursday, February 18. and when the time is getting near, it is always exciting to see the names who are going to show up. Who will be there, exactly? That’s the question that we are waiting to see the answers to. Here are the experts.

2021 NBA All-Star Game Voting for Final Starting Lineups

Yash Matange: Utah Jazz is definitely one of the best teams in the league with all of the good records. Jazz has such balanced nature play which can actualize all of the potentials of the team. Mitchell is not the only variable that makes the success for the team. But this name is certainly the relevant one to be listed on the NBA All-Star roster.

Scott Rafferty: The expert is interested to lock these names: James, Leonard, and Jokic. But there are other names that he thinks to come with the big potential as well such as, Doncic, and Lillard. These three players have indeed been in the amazing seasons. Back then, the expert considered Doncic and Lillard. But as time goes by, the arrow leads to Lillard and Curry. And he added that the team record matters less when picking the players for the All-Stars.

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Carlan Gay: Carlan Gay didn’t come up with too much debate. His money was on Jazz and Mitchell as the starter. But of course, it does have such alternative variables to think about. And the other variables are Curry and Lillard as a starter. Well, it can be possible because this season is pretty amazing for both players.

Juan Estévez: According to him, there would be at least four names to show up for the tough picks. You might also have guessed these names because they are all noticeable such as Lillard, Curry, Doncic, and Mitchell.

First things first, Blazers have 16-10, thanks to Lillard. Lillard, according to many experts, has been more productive than Mitchell. The MVP potential leads to Curry. That could be the sensible reason to include Curry on his list. And as for this player, there is not much debate about his name on the list.

How about the frontcourt?

Many experts have been focusing on the three names which are Durant, Embiid, and Antetokounmpo. Yes, as we have seen. It is pretty much simpler than the other positions.

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