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2021 NBA All-Star Voting 5 Takeaways Revealed: You need to Know

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And we have been up for the NBA All-Star Voting news and speculations so far. Experts have been up with some names that we don’t surprise expect. But there are some takeaways that we could take a look at if we are following the NBA rodeos.

2021 all star starters


Doubled the total of votes

There are more players who are in the top 10 Vote grabbers who have attained the doubles in their totals. Well, it can be a bit of a surprise this week. In the West team, there are around 10 players who have enjoyed double the votes. Meanwhile, six of the players in the West team are in the backcourt.

On the other side, the East Team has nine players who have been in the backcourt. Meanwhile, there are seven players who are in the frontcourt.

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Klay Thompson movement

Klay has been showing up in the no.10 spot in the West backcourt players. Well, it is a bit surprising for some folks because Thomspon hasn’t played in the NBA since 2019. He missed the season but it does not seem to be a huge issue for the voters. Obviously, no one can control the power of the fans. Whether it is their team, redcord, or other variables, these do not stop the fans from voting.

Lebron is back

Well, when we said this, that means he is back to where he belongs to. For most of the NBA lovers, it is not a new thing to see Lebron actions in such prestigious event. Back in previous week, the first rank is on Kevin Durant. Duran’s lead over LeBron whipped around 14,029 votes.

The dynamic outcomes of the votes

It can be too early to determine the races. People have been speculating over the names but do not know the number of the votes still. Well, the officials are still counting the votes. the experts also don’t want to keep the hope higher or saying with any inaccurate things. And when it comes to starters, we can see that the folks have locked James and Durant to be the starters of the West and East front courts. The East frontcourt side seems to be more potential than the West side.

Beal mounting lead

We cannot neglect the fact that folks truly desire what they want in their mind. Bradley Beal is the top vote grabber amongst the East potential players. Although Washington won only one of the four games, it won’t significantly affect the casting ballots. Beal still led the NBA in scoring. And that might be pretty enough reasons to get more votes.

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